# Antispam

Setup an antispam/raid filter in your server.

Permission Requirement

You require MANAGE SERVER permission to use this command. You can use the PERMISSION command in order to grant/deny privilege to any user/role to use this command.

The most advanced yet another easy-to-manage antispam filter.Antispam is one of our proud features. Its highly advanced, yet you can configure it with ease.

# Usage

;antispam [enable/config/disable] (options)

# Enable/Disable

  • To enable this feature, type ;antispam enable in any of the channels the bot has access to. This enables the antispam filter with the default configuration.
  • To disable this feature, type ;antispam disable in any of the channels the bot has access to. This disables the antispam filter throughout the server.

# Configurations

The following are the configurations which can be applied to the antispam filter.

To view current configurations, type ;antispam in any of the channels the bot has access to. If the filter is enabled, the bot will list the configurations.

# General Syntax
;antispam [config] [options]
Config Description Usage Default
warn Warn the user warn [enable/disable] Enabled
mute Mute the user mute [enable/disable] Disabled
spam-rate The message rate which will define a spam spam-rate messages/time 5 msgs/5s
duplicate-rate The number of duplicate message which should result in a mute duplicate-rate messages/time 3 msgs/30s
mute-warns The number of warns which should result in a mute mute-warns warns/time 3 warns/5m
mute-duration The duration for which the user should be muted mute-duration time 15m
ignored-users Whitelisted Users (Users with ADMINISTRATOR are whitelisted by default) ignored-users [add/remove] @user1 @user2 None
ignored-channels Whitelisted Channels ignored-channels [add/remove] #channel1 #channel2 None
ignored-roles Whitelisted Roles ignored-roles [add/remove] @role1 @role2 None

Abbrevations Used:

s - Seconds
m - Minutes
msgs - Messages


# Why doesn't the bot mute the spammer?

Muting system is disabled by default. You need to enable it via antispam mute enable. Additionally, if you don't have the mute role created/set, you need to set/create using the muted-role [set/create] (role) command. Also make sure that the mute-role exists and is below the highest role of the bot.
Note: Users with ADMINISTRATOR permission has bypass since muting has no additional effects on them.